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XYO Network

ico XYO Network blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerThe first decentralized cryptographic-location network built for the world of tomorrow. The XYO Network makes it possible for smart contracts to access the real world by using the XYO Network’s ecosystem of devices to determine if an object is at a specific XY-coordinate.

If it is, one can set up applications which execute transactions in the smart contract. This has opened up a new world of possibilities. The applications of such a technology are infinite. Continue reading

Flying Money

ico flying money blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerFlying Money provides currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets and instruments as standard ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our digital tokens will be traded on global digital exchanges and backed 100% by an equivalent asset, held in an independent trust to protect customers and audited by one of the world’s leading accounting firms. Continue reading


ico buzzshow blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerBuzzShow is currently the only fully developed social video network site that adopt blockchain technology to provide a platform that puts the interests of content creators, curators and viewers first.

At present time, a small group of digital media corporations are controlling all video content created and published online, mainly Google (via YouTube) and Facebook and most creators who create content either professionally or UGC, are the majority of the time not rewarded for their work. Continue reading

Personal Data Democracy

ico pdata blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerMonetize your personal data Marketplace for secure buying and selling of personal data on the blockchain World´s first decentralized marketplace for trading of personal data ensuring consumer´s data privacy.

PDATA radically changes todays centralized way of personal data brokerage. We are building the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for the secure trading of personal data. Continue reading

Bitcoin Halving – What Is It?

Whenever a BitCoin halving event takes place, there’s always speculation about the significance of the event and how it would affect the BitCoin price. This article will explain what the BitCoin halving events are all about and how it affects the BitCoin community. Continue reading

DeskBell Chain

ico deskbell blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerBlockchain project DeskBell Chain is based on the existing DeskBell service, which enables hotels to get out important information to the guests and keep communication with them via chat.

What is more, it also sells the site to promote their services. For tourists, DeskBell service serves as a guide and compass in the life of the hotel. Continue reading


ico FLOATERIUM blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerFloaterium ICO – New Technology Banking for Digital Generation. Providing cryptocurrencies to mainstream everyday users, will require dedicated Float banking services.

Only once a person is able to use cryptocurrency in the same way that they use any other currency, will all of the benefits of cryptocurrency, such as lower transaction costs, speed of payment, removal of national boundaries and so on, become real. Continue reading


ico REME-Coin blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerREME-Coins give access to the billions that big companies make by selling collected user data: E-commerce combined with cashback systems is one of the most dynamic growth segments in the digital market.

The bonus models are not only a proven instrument for customer loyalty, but also generate comprehensive and high-quality consumer data. Continue reading

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