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ico REME-Coin blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerREME-Coins give access to the billions that big companies make by selling collected user data: E-commerce combined with cashback systems is one of the most dynamic growth segments in the digital market.

The bonus models are not only a proven instrument for customer loyalty, but also generate comprehensive and high-quality consumer data. Continue reading


The Shivom ICO is for the development of the largest genomic data-hub on the planet. Contributors own their genomic data, control the right to access it, and receive rewards if they choose to share it.

Shivom is creating a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain. We will offer an open marketplace for healthcare providers to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine. Continue reading


ico gizer crowdsale token sale blockchain ico trackerGizer ICO is for the development of a mobile eSports platform and social marketplace that bridges the gap between the entire gaming community – Gamers, Hosts, Freelance Services, Businesses and Venues. Gizer provides opportunity to each party by connecting them through the various social interactions, events, services, and products on the Gizer platform. Continue reading


ico RxEAL blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerRxEAL is a platform for trustless and safe security deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides decentralized dispute resolution with the main focus on real estate and automotive rental markets valued at hundreds of billions USD combined. RxEAL will also be available for other industries that demand trustless fund storage and fair dispute resolution. Continue reading

BitCoin Mempool – What Is It?

bitcoin mempoolThe BitCoin Mempool is the storage area for all pending BitCoin transactions. Here’s how it works. When you perform a transaction, it is first transmitted and verified by the available BitCoin nodes. Upon verification completion, it then goes into the Mempool (Memory Pool). The transaction waits in the pool until the next available BitCoin miner processes it into the next available BitCoin block. Continue reading


ico OhmsGold blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerOG represents a digital asset on the blockchain as the cryptocurrency of Gold, leveraging and mapping Gold to OG on a scale of 1:1 on the blockchain. The circulation of OG has a proportionality on the blockchain and the value is dependent on the circulated OG. All OG traders, investors and miners on the blockchain and stock market will experience a tremendous inflation of OG at these times. Continue reading

Bitcoin Price – What Affects the Bitcoin Price?

bitcoin priceBefore we go into the details as to what affects the BitCoin price, we need to clarify some definitions first. The BitCoin Price and the BitCoin value are not related to each other.

The Bitcoin price only refers to the direct monetary costs of acquiring BitCoins – it is an objective factor. The value of BitCoins however refers to its perceived usefulness and benefits to the individual who is acquiring BitCoins – this is a subjective factor. Continue reading


ico bulleon blockchain crowdsale token sale ico trackerBulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency. Bulleon is not just another digital asset service, it will be a product combination with a massive amount of high skilled labor input. Bulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency that offers the chance to see profits and gains considerably snappier and can take benefits out more effortlessly. Continue reading

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